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Browse the full Solo Fitness range. Our made-to-order steel squat racks, benches, storage solutions are designed with for the discerning home athlete. Home gym equipment for those who seek the finest.

Here you can also find everything you need to complete your luxury training space from free weights (bars, plates and dumbbells) through to gym flooring.


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solo hex rubber dumbbells black
Solo Hex Dumbbells (Rubber) Sale priceFrom $7.00
black beveled 20mm  gym flooring edging strip
Premium Rubber Gym Floor Corner StripPremium Rubber Gym Floor Corner Strip
Anti-Bounce Slam BallAnti-Bounce Slam Ball
Anti-Bounce Slam Ball Sale priceFrom $15.00
thin black resistance power band extra lightthin purple resistance power band light strength
Power Band - Rubber Exercise Band Sale priceFrom $15.00
8kg cast iron kettlebell with red markings on handlethree cast iron kettlebells with different colour markings
Cast Iron Kettlebell Sale priceFrom $16.00
Premium Rubber Coated Kettlebell (Black)Premium Rubber Coated Kettlebell (Black)
Home Gym Exercise Mat - Dark Grey Vinyl
two black olympic barbell collars with small red clips
Stainless Steel Solo Water BottleStainless Steel Solo Water Bottle
Solo Fitness - Trucker CapSolo Fitness - Trucker Cap
Wall Mounted Dumbbell Storage Hook (Single Dumbbell)Wall Mounted Dumbbell Storage Hook (Single Dumbbell)
Solo Gym Kit HangersSolo Gym Kit Hangers
Solo Gym Kit Hangers Sale priceFrom $25.00
Single Barbell HolderSingle Barbell Holder
black wall hanger with prongs to hang resistance bandsblack wall hanger with prongs to hang resistance bands
Olympic Bumper Weight PlatesOlympic Bumper Weight Plates
Olympic Bumper Weight Plates Sale priceFrom $33.00
Vertical Wall Mounted Barbell Hanger (3 Bars)Vertical Wall Mounted Barbell Hanger (3 Bars)
plain black fitness gym floor matting 20mm thickPremium Rubber Gym Floor Matting
Premium Rubber Gym Floor Matting Sale priceFrom $33.00
Solo Icon Logo Tee - BlackSolo Icon Logo Tee - Black
Solo Classic Logo Tee - WhiteSolo Classic Logo Tee - White
Solo Classic Logo Tee - BlackSolo Classic Logo Tee - Black
Wall Mounted Concept2 Rower Hanging Bracket
Champ Leather Hybrid Speedball - Vintage
Wall Mounted Kettlebell Storage HookWall Mounted Kettlebell Storage Hook