NOHRD Dumbbell Set - Premium Wood Finish

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Dumbbell training traces back to ancient Greece, where Olympic athletes knew the benefits of cultivating their arm, chest, and back muscles with various weights. The principles of free-weight training, including compound and isolation exercises, remain unchanged over time. Throughout the ages, the ultimate goal has remained constant: developing strength and muscle.

NOHRD Dumbbells come paired with a space-saving, solid wood storage rack, sure to become a focal point in any gym space. The Dumbbell diameters remain uniform across weight ranges, ensuring a streamlined look and seamless weight transitions. The angled wood frame is designed for maximized stability and organized convenience for your training session.

18 Dumbbells

Discover the complete NOHRD DumbBells set with nine pairs of dumbbells, with 2.5 kg increments between weights, ranging from 5 to 25 kg. Dumbbell training is ideal for delivering increased strength, muscle definition and improved stability to athletes of all fitness levels.

A Firm Grasp

NOHRD DumbBells are CNC-milled from high-grade, nickel-plated steel. The handle on our dumbbells features 0.1 mm ribbing for grip support and is anodized black for more durability. Each NOHRD DumbBell is finished with a solid wood endplate, inscribed with the weight of the dumbbell and our NOHRD logo.

Storage Rack

The NOHRD DumbBells storage rack, in a solid wood, angled frame, is a true organizer for your weights, as well as a space-saving solution. The rack has been constructed for extreme stability to safely hold 18 dumbbells and is suitable for use in the home or commercial gym.

NOHRD Dumbbell Set

Product Details

Get the ultimate workout with our comprehensive dumbbell set, meticulously sorted by weight classes and elegantly presented in a robust, solid wood storage rack.

Dimensions (cm)

135 x 100 x 50 cm

Weight (kg)

320 kg

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United Kingdom

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