NOHRD SwingBell Free Weight Sets

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Color: Oak
Storage: SwingTower


Whether new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, SwingBell training offers many benefits, from building lean muscle and enhancing core stability to boosting overall endurance. This dynamic workout approach combines graceful swinging motion with the power of resistance, delivering results extending beyond muscle engagement: the SwingBells positively impact the intricate web of connective tissue known as fascia.

Even when at rest, our SwingBells radiate sophistication and style in any interior. Whether stored on the Swing Tower or Swing Board, a full set of 4 pairs of weights (2, 4, 6, and 8 kg) require minimal space.

Iron Granules

Each SwingBell is carefully balanced with hand-filled iron granules, creating a deliberate, shifting imbalance as you move which sparks fresh training stimuli. The extra challenge consistently engages your muscles in unexpected ways.

Swing Tower

Crafted from solid wood, each Swing Tower gracefully holds a complete set of 8 SwingBells. The tower comes with a dedicated tablet or Smartphone holder for easy following of exercise videos or training guides.

Swing Board

The SwingBoard is our ultimate space-saver, designed to maximize efficiency. Mount the board on a sturdy wall to effortlessly create room for up to 8 SwingBells. This storage solution allows you to reclaim valuable space in your designated fitness area.

Quality in Every Detail

A story of meticulous craftmanship: SwingBells are hand-stitched with genuine leather and filled with iron granules, masterfully combining balance and motion when in use, forcing an element of controlled asymmetry as the pellets shift within the leather pouch. Our walnut SwingBells are available in natural or black leather options.

Functional Strength Training

Conventional, static weights focus on linear movements that train large muscle groups. In contrast, the SwingBells’ iron pellets shift within the leather pouch to stimulate smaller stabilizing muscles and connective tissue. Take advantage of our MyNOHRD training platform, designed to help you get the most out of Swing weight exercise.

NOHRD SwingBells Set

Product Details

The NOHRD Swing Bells embody style and functionality, transforming dumbbell training into a visual and tactile fitness experience.

Dimensions Tower (cm)

Tower: 87 x 15 x 15 cm

Base Plate: 34 x 34 cm

Dimensions Board (cm)

157 x 22 x 8.6 cm

Weights (kg)

2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 8kg Pairs

Country of Manufacture




SwingBells Materials

Real Leather, Hardwood

Assembly Required



2 Years