NOHRD Weight Plate Sets with Storage

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Color: Oak

A combination of premium wood and metal, the NOHRD WeightPlate Tower is a solid wood and steel weight rack with individual Weight Plates, a Long Barbell, and two shorter Dumbbell Barbells. Beautifully designed and built to last, the WeightPlater Tower is a compact and versatile strength training station.

An update on conventional weight plates and bars, WeightPlate Tower bars have an integrated Gungnir of Norway SlideLock™ System that holds the WeightPlates in place and removes the need for cumbersome clips or collars.

What's included?

The WeightPlate Tower is built from a sturdy combination of solid wood and powder-coated steel, housing Barbells and WeightPlates. The Tower accommodates three bars within its design: one 1.2 m Long Barbell (5 kg) and two 40 cm Dumbbell Barbells (1.5 kg each). It also holds twenty WeightPlates - 4 x 0.5 kg, 4 x 1.25 kg, 4 x 2.5 kg, and 8 x 5 kg.

The Plates

In our mission to blend form and function, our WeightPlates are made from stainless steel with natural wood inlay crafted from real wood veneer. The wood plates are stunning to look at and have a functional advantage: the wood veneer aids as a buffer to eliminate the clanking of metal when you mount or use the plates, enhancing the overall experience while training.

The Barbells

The Barbells are 25 cm in diameter to hold the WeightPlats securely. The 1.2 m Long Barbell can be used for popular weightlifting exercises, including back squats, bench presses, and cleans. The two shorter 40 cm Dumbell Barbells are used for dumbbell exercises such as bicep curls, overhead presses, and single-arm rows.

The Tower

A statement piece for your fitness space. The WeightPlate Tower is available in our full range of sustainable hardwoods and neatly holds individual WeightPlates. The two shorter Dumbell Barbells are stored in the side holders, while the Long Barbell is secured vertically behind the Tower.


In collaboration with Gungnir of Norway, we proudly introduce their patented SlideLock™ System to our Barbells. This innovative technology is designed to secure weights in place through an intuitive slide function that simplifies weight adjustments, removing the need for clips or collars to secure weights. Allowing you to focus on your training goals in a hassle-free workout experience.

NOHRD Weight Plate Set

Product Details

The WeightPlate Tower is handmade in Germany to ensure quality and durability. Built to last with a 3-year commercial use warranty, the WeightPlate Tower is equally suited for use in a home or professional fitness environment.

Dimensions (cm)

45 x 45 x 117 cm

Weight (kg)

88 kg

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3 Years