Browse our selection of Solo Fitness weight benches. We truly believe our weight benches are unique in the industry. Designed like no others. The range includes a variety of benches suited to various users and uses, but one thing is common across the range: a focus on design as well as function. 

From flat weight benches to multi-adjustable benches that enable an incline and decline. Then our flagship Personal Storage Bench, inspired by our parent company's experience designing bespoke products for the hottest Boutique clubs in London. 


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bronze adjustable benchSolo Signature Storage Bench (Adjustable)
bronze flat benchSolo Signature Storage Bench
Solo Signature Storage Bench Sale priceFrom £575.00
Solo Collapsible Weights BenchSolo Collapsible Weights Bench
Solo Collapsible Weights Bench Sale priceFrom £699.00
Solo Adjustable Weights BenchSolo Adjustable Weights Bench
Solo Adjustable Weights Bench Sale priceFrom £399.00
Solo Flat Weights BenchSolo Flat Weights Bench
Solo Flat Weights Bench Sale priceFrom £270.00