STIL-FIT Bike NERO Edition

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Introducing the STIL-FIT Bike NERO 'Edition' – a pinnacle in the realm of indoor bikes, designed to revolutionize your indoor cycling experience.

Made with a blend of premium materials including aluminum, steel, walnut wood, and leather, every aspect of the Bike NERO exudes quality craftsmanship. From its sleek design to its meticulous construction, no detail is overlooked.

From the handcrafted walnut handles to the high-performance gel saddle from Selle Italia, each component of the Bike NERO is a testament to the dedication evident in every STIL-FIT design. Each bike is meticulously assembled and tested in their Munich factory, ensuring it meets the highest standards of excellence.

Elevate Your Training with STIL-FIT App

Unlock a world of possibilities with the STIL-FIT app. Set goals, access diverse training programs, track your progress, and seamlessly integrate your Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor. Plus, effortlessly sync your workout data with Apple Health for comprehensive insights into your fitness journey.

With compatibility with Kinomap, Zwift, Rouvy, and BKool, the NERO 'Edition' opens doors to endless virtual landscapes. Whether you're cruising along Mallorca's coastal roads or competing in global races, experience the thrill of diverse terrains with automatic resistance adjustments matching altitude profiles.

Experience of indoor cycling in style with the STIL-FIT Bike NERO 'Edition' – where innovation meets performance, and every ride brings you closer to your fitness goals.

Self-Sustaining Innovation

Embrace sustainability as you generate electricity through
your own pedal power – no power plug required. With each pedal stroke, you not only propel yourself forward but also contribute to a greener planet.

Interactive Fitness Experience

Connect seamlessly with the STIL-FIT app or popular platforms like Kinomap, Zwift, and Rouvy, transforming your workouts into immersive, interactive experiences. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to dynamic challenges that keep you engaged and motivated.

Minimalist Design

Inspired by the elegance and ergonomics of real road bikes, the NERO Edition embodies simplicity and functionality. Its clean lines and essential features elevate your cycling experience, delivering unparalleled performance with every ride.

STIL-FIT Bike NERO Edition

Product Details

STIL-FIT are a German company based in Munich specialising in the development and manufacture of high-quality fitness equipment. They attach great importance to quality, design and innovation, making them a perfect partner for us at Solo Fitness.

Dimensions (mm)

1150mm x 500mm x 1200mm (L/W/H)

Weight (kg)

38 kg

Max User Weight (kg)

120 kg


4,3” TFT Touchscreen monitor with color display

Country of Manufacture


  • Quick Start
  • Manual Mode – 32 resistance levels
  • Two cardio programs - time and pulse based
  • Watts program
  • Five hill training programs
App Compatibility

Compatible with the STIL-FIT App and various other training apps such as Kinomap, Zwift, Rouvy and BKool.