At Solo Fitness our experience comes from the commercial gym industry, so we have a history of building products that are up to a tough task. Below we have included some details about the warranty we offer on our Solo products.

Solo Benches, Racks and Steel Storage Products

We will guarantee the welds and structural steel for the lifetime of the product. This is against defects and does not cover general wear and tear to be expected over time. It also will not cover damage we deem to be caused by improper usage, incorrect installation or improper building. We do not cover under warranty; any paintwork, upholstery, fixings or sacrificial nylon parts.


Bars, Free Weights & All Other Accessories

Warranties on free weights and other accessory products (all items which do not fall under the above category) are dictated by the manufacturers we use and range from 90 days to 12 months. If you are unsure if a product is under warranty please contact us to check.

Contact Us about Warranty Issues

If an item is found to be faulty, please stop using the product and contact us immedidately with details of the issue. You can do this via the Contact Form on our website.