STIL-FIT Functional Trainer PRO

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Color: Mirror

The STIL-FIT Functional Trainer PRO. Elevate your gym with German precision and minimalist elegance.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury gym equipment design with the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer PRO, meticulously crafted in Munich, to redefine your workout space. Engineered with exceptional attention to detail, this state-of-the-art trainer combines minimalist elegance with unrivalled functionality to bring the gym to your home in style.

Despite its compact footprint, the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer PRO packs a powerful punch, with a generous 97.5kg weight block and a transmission ratio of 4:1. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a seasoned athlete, this trainer provides the perfect platform to challenge yourself and achieve your goals with confidence.

Customize your workout experience with our range of optional accessories, including the bicep/triceps bar, chop bar, foot strap made with genuine leather, and triceps rope. Each accessory is carefully designed to complement the trainer's elegant aesthetic and enhance your training routine with added comfort and control.

Join the exclusive ranks of discerning fitness enthusiasts who are proud owners of the STIL-FIT functional trainer. This is more than just a piece of equipment—it's a testament to the pursuit of excellence in both form and function.

Quality German Engineering

The STIL-FIT Functional Trainer PRO embodies the renowned craftsmanship and engineering excellence that Germany is celebrated for. Each component is meticulously manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring top quality, durability, and performance.

Impactful Sleek Design

At Solo Fitness, we fell in love with the sleek and minimalist design of this piece, which seamlessly integrates into any space with effortless sophistication. Whether you opt for the sleek mirror front or the matte black finish, this trainer exudes a sense of understated luxury, transforming your workout area into a sanctuary of style and functionality.

Versatility Meets Elegance

Experience the perfect fusion of form and function with the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer PRO. With its integrated Lat pull-down unit, Lat pull-down bar, and a unique series of optional accessories, this trainer offers versatility and exercise variety, allowing you to sculpt your body with precision and finesse.

STIL-FIT Functional Trainer PRO

Product Details

STIL-FIT are a German company based in Munich specialising in the development and manufacture of high-quality fitness equipment. They attach great importance to quality, design and innovation, making them a perfect partner for us at Solo Fitness.

Dimensions (mm)

Frame: 1180 x 320 x 2240 (W/D/H)

Lat Pull Unit: 720 (D)

Weight (kg)

150 approx

Weight Stack (kg)


Pulley Transmission


Lat Pull Transmission


Country of Manufacture



Height-adjustable with micro-increments