Wall Bars

Sometimes known as a Swedish ladder, wall bars are an old-school gym classic. There is a simplicity and minimalism in wall bars that throws-back to traditional gymnasia around the world. We've created a range of wall-mounted and free-standing options plus some extra attachments to help you get the most from your training. Browse the range below.


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wall mounted wall bars all black design
Solo Wall Mounted Wall Bars Sale price£599.00
NOHRD Wooden Wall BarsNOHRD Wooden Wall Bars
NOHRD Wooden Wall Bars Sale priceFrom £499.00
Solo wall bars in blackSolo wall bars with multi-grip in black
wall mounted wall bars wiht captains chair
NOHRD Wall Bars Multi AdaptorNOHRD Wall Bars Multi Adaptor
NOHRD Incline Bench for Wall BarsNOHRD Incline Bench for Wall Bars
NOHRD Incline Bench for Wall Bars Sale priceFrom £249.00
NOHRD CombiTrainer for Wall BarsNOHRD CombiTrainer for Wall Bars
NOHRD CombiTrainer for Wall Bars Sale priceFrom £769.00