Solo Signature Dumbbell Storage Rack

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Shelf Width: Narrow

Shelf Width

Colour: All Black
Tiers: 2


The secret to creating a beautiful training space is keeping it clean and organised. Great-looking gym equipment storage is the number one way to do this. 

Premium furniture suppliers make some fantastic storage units, but rarely are they built to withstand the weight of gym accessories like dumbbells.

This, our Signature Dumbbell Storage Rack is our minimalist solution for luxury training spaces.

This model features an angled shelving system which makes it easier to place dumbbells into position (especially after a final set).

It's manufactured in the UK using precision-cut mild steel, which is powder-coated for protection and a premium finish. 

This storage unit is currently available in a two-tier or three-tier design. We also supply a version with flat shelves for those looking for a more versatile rack that is suitable for all the loose accessories and weights currently cluttering your gym. You can find that here: Solo Signature Gym Equipment Shelving

Storage Dimensions

Narrow 2-Tier Dimensions: 1100mm x 450mm x 755mm (L x D x H)

Wide 2-Tier Dimensions: 2160mm 450mm x 755mm (L x D x H)

Narrow 3-Tier Dimensions: 1100mm x 450mm x 1150mm (L x D x H)

Wide 3-Tier Dimensions: 2160mm 450mm x 1150mm (L x D x H)