Weightlifting and Deadlift Drop Pads

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At Solo, we love strength training. The 'clang and bang' of barbells and weight plates on the ground might not be for everyone, but it's music to our ears.

Whether you're deadlifting, snatching, cleaning or squatting, you're not training at your limit if you can always lower the bar gently to the ground.

Your neighbours, on the other hand, they'll be less keen on dropping weights. Vibration, noise and impact can all make living close to a home athlete a nightmare.

This is where our premium Solo weightlifting drop pads come in. These are designed as weightlifting drop pads and deadlifting pads, to absorb the impact of your barbell and plates hitting the ground. 

Our drop pads or pound pads are 100% manufactured in the UK from high-density foam and hard-wearing PVC cover. This gives makes them incredibly durable, holding up to rep after rep.

We make these pads with a grippy vinyl base to ensure pads don't move around while you're lifting.


Where/When to Use Deadlift Crash Pads

These are a great addition to anyone training at home, even if you've got a garage gym and specialist flooring these can dramatically reduce the noise and vibration of your training.

These were originally designed and tested to commercial standards, so can be a great addition to studios or gyms where excessive noise has to be a consideration. 

These are suitable for Olympic Weightlifting and dropping weights from overhead.


Benefits of Weightlifting Drop Pads

  • Reduce vibration

  • Deaden noise

  • Prevent barbell bounce

  • Protects equipment

  • Protects flooring 

Product Dimensions: 750mm x 600mm and 150mm thickness.