Wall Mounted Kettlebell Storage Hook

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Store individual kettlebells neatly out of the way with our new wall-mounted kettlebell storage hooks.  Each hanger is designed to take the weight of one competition-sized kettlebell (it's unlikely your kettlebell is larger than this...). 

So often, weights storage racks are designed for full sets of 20+ kettlebells which isn't really what most people have in either their home or a small studio. 

We created this wall-mounted kettlebell storage rack to allow you to store items neatly away within a few centimetres of the wall. Traditional racks often have a footprint of up to 0.5m2 - which is valuable space you can't always afford to lose in the gym. 

Important note: we have provided full dimensions of this product so you can ensure it will be compatible with the kettlebells you use. It's designed to be compatible with a competition-sized bell. But this doesn't mean it will be compatible with all kettlebells as sizes vary between manufacturers.

Fixings: We do provide fixings with this item, but please ensure you only mount to a solid structural wall. (The images shown are only a basic visual representation not intended as a guide to the type of wall that is suitable). If you're unsure please consult a local tradesperson who can provide expert advice.