Wall Mounted Concept2 Rower Hanging Bracket

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We always say a stylish gym is an organised gym. Each item should have it's place in the gym otherwise clutter is hard to avoid. Clutter kills style.

Rowing machines are absolutely brilliant training tools and where possible we always love to include one in a home gym design project. However, they can take up a lot of floor space. This neat rower hanger lets you secure your rowing machine upright, against the wall. Storing your rowing machine upright like this is the most effective space-saving solution in almost all scenarios.

Our hanger is simple and solid. The minimal design aims to fit the colour scheme of any space and is made of a single piece of 3mm steel. It features 12mm diameter holes for you to securely fix the hanger to a solid wall in the gym.

We provide appropriate wall fixings with this product but do recommend if you are unsure about wall mounting any products, you seek professional assistance. We recommend fixing these to a solid structural wall. 

Overall Width: 380mm

Depth: 70mm

Fixings: Included

Designed for: Concept 2 Rowing Machines