Vertical Wall Mounted Barbell Hanger (Single Bar)

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A stylish gym is an organised gym. The coolest home training spaces are those that are well planned and deliberately thought out.

The most effective, space-saving way to store a barbell is against the wall. It maximises the training floor space available, keeps the bar within easy reach but neatly stored at the same time.

Storing your barbell on the floor 'out-of-the-way' is fine... until you've stubbed a toe on it. We've all done it.

Our barbell hanger is simple and solid. The minimal design aims to complement most other equipment styles, so we've gone with a textured matt black finish. 

Made of a single piece of 5mm steel for maximum integrity over time.

It features 12mm diameter holes for you to securely fix the hanger to a solid wall in the gym.

Suitable for use with any standard sized Olympic barbells. Distance between the prongs is 35mm.

Width - 165mm

Height - 80mm

Depth - 120mm

Fixings: Included

We provide appropriate wall fixings with this product but do recommend if you are unsure about wall mounting any products, you seek professional assistance. We recommend fixing these to a solid structural wall only