Vertical Wall Mounted Barbell Hanger (3 Bars)

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We always say a stylish gym is an organised gym. Each item should have it's place in the gym otherwise clutter is hard to avoid. Clutter kills style.

Our Vertical Wall Mounted Barbell Hanger is the perfect storage accessory to keep your gym space organised. Storing your barbell in the power rack is, fine. But it limits the ability to use it for pull-ups and kills the space inside the rack when not in use.

Storing your barbell collection against the wall is the most effective solution in almost all scenarios.

Our hanger is simple and solid. The minimal design aims to fit the colour scheme of any space and is made of a single piece of 5mm steel. It features 12mm diameter holes for you to securely fix the hanger to a solid wall in the gym.

We provide appropriate wall fixings with this product but do recommend if you are unsure about wall mounting any products, you seek professional assistance. We recommend fixing these to a solid structural wall only

Width: 365mm

Depth: 120mm

Prong Size: 65mm

Distance Between Prongs: 35mm

Fixings: Included