Solo Drop-In Landmine Post

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The drop-in landmine is a fantastic addition to any gym. It can help add variation to your training if you're already doing a lot of barbell work but don't have cables or machines at your disposal. 

Alternatively, it's just a really fun tool to have in your arsenal when you want to mix up your training. The landmine press is probably the most common exercise to use a landmine post for, but it's only just the beginning! 

It can be combined with a range of attachments (check them out here) to offer a wide range of challenging exercises. 

This drop-in version of a landmine post is cheaper and smaller than the traditional Core-Plate version. All it requires is a bumper plate to secure the post in place and you're ready to go.

This product is made from mild steel and has a self-lubricating bronze bushing to ensure a smooth rotation of the peg in the socket.