Classic Medicine Ball (Tan Leather)

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Weight: 3kg


There is just something about a classic leather medicine ball that we think oozes style.

We were so excited when we decided to introduce this to the Solo range. For us, functionality and performance is a priority, but how our products look and feel in the home is also really important. 

There are some products we love to train with (like medicine balls), but we have yet to see any designs we love. Strangely, the answer was looking back in time rather than forward! The vintage look leather medicine ball is one of the oldest known pieces of fitness equipment still used today, and its versatility is unrivalled. 

Our medicine balls come in 3kg, 5kg and 8kg increments and have a premium tan real leather finish for durability and a luxury feel.

Each medicine ball comes in a tan leather finish and has the weight increment de-bossed on the round end panel.