Home Gym Exercise Mat - Dark Grey Vinyl

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This is our dark grey vinyl home exercise mat. We've selected this to be part of the Solo range for its looks, performance, and it's versatility. 

It includes two convenient loops for hanging out of the way on a mat hanger (a lot of simple coat hooks would do the job as well.)

The soft vinyl construction is an excellent material for a home training mat because of its resistance against tears and abrasions. Manufactured with two layers. The bottom layer is a soft PVC which provides the comfort of the mat. The top is a thin surface layer, which is made from a much denser PVC. This provides the mat with a durable, hard top layer which is very hard wearing and is much easier to clean.

It features a gently embossed pattern which improves grip, making it a great all-around mat for fitness, stretch and yoga at home. The alternative side is slightly smoother and is comfortable to train on. 

Product Dimensions: 950 x 500 x 10mm (L x W x H)