Gym Hanger for Resistance Bands, Belts and Ropes

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Our multi-purpose gym accessory hanger is the ideal storage solution for resistance bands, weightlifting belts and skipping ropes. It comes with eight storage prongs and four wall mounting holes for secure fixing.

We always say a stylish gym is an organised gym. Each item should have its place in the gym; otherwise, clutter is hard to avoid. Clutter kills style.

Our eight pronged storage hanger has the capacity to store various sizes of resistance bands, plus a couple of weightlifting belts and skipping ropes. There's no better way to organise your accessories.

Hangers for skipping ropes and resistance bands is actually the best way you keep them in great condition. Some bands and ropes can hold their shape when they're wrapped up tightly, resulting in annoying wrinkles that take a while to straighten out.

This item is made from 3mm thick steel, so describing it as durable doesn't do it justice. It's also finished with our grippy and textured Dakota Black paint finish.

We provide appropriate wall fixings with this product but do recommend if you are unsure about wall mounting any products, you seek professional assistance. We recommend fixing these to a solid structural wall only

Width: 420mm

Depth: 119mm

Prong Size: 27mm

Distance Between Prongs: 30mm

Fixings: Included