Solo Free Standing Wall Bars with Dip and Leg Raise

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Pull Up Bar: Straight

Pull Up Bar

Color: All Black

The Solo Free Standing Wall Bars are an excellent addition to a home gym. The free-standing design uses the same base as our flagship half squat rack, so is designed to offer great stability under a large amount of strain. 

Wall bars (sometimes called stall bars) are fixed inside the back upright of the frame, with additional bars available to create a full Swedish ladder system. The dual-function dipping station/leg raise machine is then mounted onto these. This is commonly known as a captain's chair.

The wall bars and captain's chair can also be affixed within the Solo Half Squat Rack for additional functionality.

To shake up your training even further, we also offer this with a multi-grip pull-up bar (it'll come with a straight bar as standard).

Product Specifications
Product Weight 160kg
Dimensions (h x w x d) 2206mm x 1250mm x 1216mm
Material Mild Steel
Steel 100mm x 50mm Box Section, 3mm Steel Body

Note: this item is made-to-order and may have a lead time of up to three weeks.