Champ Leather Hybrid Angle Bag - 4ft Vintage

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Experience the pinnacle of professional boxing training with our '4ft Angle' Hybrid Punch Bag, expertly crafted from rugged synthetic leather and equipped with full leather hanging straps for unrivalled durability.

Designed and engineered for rigorous commercial use, this punch bag boasts a 25mm inner foam jacket, delivering a plush and responsive feel while minimizing wrist and hand shock impact.

We love using this bag in Solo projects. The vintage leather effect can really add a touch of style to any gym space.

This bag can withstand the fiercest punches, making it ideal for rigorous training sessions.

This set includes a 6-leg chain set (chain design may vary from the image).


  • Diameter: 20"
  • Height: 48"
  • Weight: Approximately 40kg (Please note that bag weights may vary depending on the textile filling used)