Assault Air Bike Classic

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Never has the term "love-hate" been used to describe something as often as it has the Assault Air Bike. Anyone who's trained in a gym in the past 8 years will know exactly what we're talking about. The intensity in training you can achieve on the Assault Bike is really, next level.

The Air Bike's construction features heavy-duty powder-coated steel that makes it incredibly durable. The bike's resistance mechanism is the 25-inch diameter fan, which increases resistance the faster the fan spins. This is what makes it great for powerful short intervals.

The LCD display gives readouts of the following metrics to help structure your workouts or measure performance: Watts, Cals, Distance, Speed, Time, Odometer, Heart Rate, Cadence/RPM. On top of this, there are also built-in interval timers and sessions to try.


Max User Weight: 155kg

Dimensions: 1300mm x 600mm x 1230mm (L x W x H)

Power Requirements: None

Warranty: 2 Years Parts Only, 5 Years on Welds