Angled Weight Plate Storage Rack (3 Pegs)

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Optimise your training space with the Solo angled weight plate storage pegs.

Often space is at a premium in even the best home gyms, so wall-mounted storage is a great space-saving strategy. Weight plate storage can sometimes be challenging because traditional weight plate racks take up a lot of floor space.

If you're looking for a clean and simple solution to store weight plates or bumper plates, look no further. This three-peg storage unit is pinned to the wall at the top and rests on the floor at the base, meaning the weight isn't all hung from the wall.

This set of pegs comes connected as a set of three, with one long backplate and three pegs. The angled backplate ensures the pegs are evenly spaced, and are well supported at the base. Each item is finished with our matte black commercial powder coat.

The storage capacity of each peg depends largely on the width of the plates being used with it, but the peg length itself is 250mm.

Fixings: Included

We provide appropriate wall fixings with this product but do recommend if you are unsure about wall mounting any products, you seek professional assistance. We recommend fixing these to a solid structural wall only