15kg Olympic Weight Lifting Barbell

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For professional and everyday athletes alike the Olympic barbell is an absolutely essential tool. As people have become more fitness aligned in their lifestyle, confidence in using free weights continues to grow, so where a barbell at home may have been a foreign idea 10 years ago, it certainly isn't any longer.

Quality in an Olympic bar is really important which is why we only supply this commercial quality option. Commercial barbells have higher-quality bushings, meaning over time the rotation of the sleeves stays smooth. Anyone doing Olympic lifts knows how important this is. 

It's also tested to a tensile strength of 70,000 psi, so you can lift in confidence knowing that you'll run out of space on the sleeves before you're in any danger of overloading the bar (max weight is 180kg).

This barbell features IWF knurl markings, so is without a centre knurl mark that can sometimes be quite harsh when either cleaning, front or back squatting.