Olympic Bumper Weight Plates

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Weight: 5kg (Single)


Good quality rubber bumper plates are designed to stand up to the rigours of weight training over long periods of time. They distribute the force of impact when dropped and are suitable to be dropped from overhead (but we'd suggest you only do this on appropriate flooring)...

Traditional bumper plates are colour coded by weight in bright colours, but honestly our preference is all black. Black matches anything and 10 times from 10, will fit much better with the look and feel of a premium home gym. We've even chosen a style with minimal branding so as not to distract from the design of your space.

We have thoroughly tested our bumpers in a variety of high-use commercial gyms, so we're confident in the ability of these plates to withstand the repeated drops of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting training.

We do include a 5kg plate within this set but advise against dropping it to the ground. Not only is the bounce of the narrowest plate unpredictable, generally a 5kg plate is too narrow to withstand dropping.

The 140kg Set contains: 4 x 20kgs, 4 x 10kgs and 4 x 5kgs