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About Solo Fitness

At Solo Fitness, we often say our brand was born in the boutiques. Our parent company has worked with some of the fitness industry's most innovative boutique clubs to create custom products and amazing experiences. 

The feel of luxury and style we've helped these clubs create got us thinking.

Why does all home fitness equipment look the same?

When would someone design a home gym equipment range that really fused function and style?

We decided we could be the ones to do it.

Our goal is to design the world's finest home gym equipment.

Half Rack and Storage Solution

Fitness and Style

A seismic shift towards personal fitness has been underway for a few years now. Digital and at-home training platforms have developed so quickly the training preferences of everyday athletes have changed forever. 

We want to help those people create their own training sanctuary. A space where they can train hard and a space they love like the rest of their home.


Our Latest Ranges

If you haven't already, now would be a great time to check out our current product lines. We've been working on this first release for a long time and are delighted we can now share the range with you. We shouldn't have favourites, but we do. Here are a few of the products we're really proud of.

The Signature Bench

Solo Signature Bench

Solo Half Squat Rack 

Half Squat Rack

The Solo Training System

Solo Training System


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