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Just Launched: The Finest Home Gym Squat Rack

Just Launched: The Finest Home Gym Squat Rack

At Solo Fitness, home gyms are more than just a place to break a sweat; we also want to help create a space that inspires you to push your limits. Introducing our brand new Solo Half Rack, meticulously crafted and proudly designed in the UK by our very own Archie Skofic. 

With this product we set out to enhance your home training by bringing you a half rack that not only delivers robust performance but also lives up to the unqiue style and design of your home.

Solo Squat Rack & Storage

Setting the Standard with British Steel

At the heart of our design-focused half rack is its strength and durability. Crafted from robust British steel, this powerhouse boasts a 100mm x 50mm box section frame with 3mm thickness that's built to withstand the toughest workouts. So much so, we actually offer a commercial grade warranty with this rack. 

Whether you're lifting heavy or going all-out with your strength training, this rack is up for the challenge.

Made in the UK with British Steel

Unique Teardrop Catcher Design

What truly sets our half rack apart is its unique teardrop catcher mechanism for the J-hooks and various accessories. Say goodbye to clunky, conventional designs. Our teardrop catchers provide a secure and smooth fit for your equipment, ensuring your workouts are seamless and efficient.

Unique Teardrop Catcher DesignElegance in Every Detail

We see beautiful home gym spaces that look fantastic but are spoiled by an industrial looking piece of equipment that looks more like scaffolding than a premium gym centrepiece.

The design of our half rack features smooth radiused corners that give it a softer, more luxurious feel. We believe that your home gym should be more than just functional. That's why we've paid attention to every detail, including the aesthetics.

Luxury Design Half Squat RackCustomization Options

We understand that everyone's space and preferences are unique. That's why we offer you the freedom to customize your half rack. Choose from our standard colours, or opt for a custom colorway that perfectly suits your space. Standard colours:

  • All Black
  • Black/Silver
  • Black/Bronze

You can also select between a multi-grip or straight pull-up bar to cater to your workout style.

If you do have a unique space requirement, we're also happy to look at adapting the height and width of the rack for you. Get in touch to ask the question.

Versatile Attachments

Our half rack is designed to accommodate various attachments to enhance your training options. Whether you need spotter arms for added safety, a dip attachment for a killer upper body workout, or a landmine attachment to explore new barbell exercises, we've got you covered.

Dip Attachment

Storage and Functionality

Organization is key to an effective workout space. With our half rack, you can choose between narrow or wide storage options, ensuring that your weights and accessories are neatly organized.

The Finest Home Squat Rack

Additionally, you can add internal wall bars for extra functionality, taking your home gym to the next level. This options comes with a captains chair attachment which is perfect for dips, leg raises and core training. 

Squat Rack with Wall Bars

In a world filled with bland gym equipment, we're here to make a bold statement. Our design-focused home gym half rack isn't just a piece of fitness equipment; it's a work of art for you to proudly display in your home.

Transform your space. Elevate your workouts. 

Discover the world of Solo Fitness design.

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